About This Web Site
DC Animated Universe Comics intends to chronicle every issue that ties into the various animated series collectively known as the “Timm-verse.” In addition to brief summaries, each entry will feature commentary about the script and art, identify “new” characters and costumes, and let you know if tracking down an issue is worth your precious time and money.


About Cason
Cason Pilliod, a.k.a. Casimir, has been fascinated by the stylings of Bruce Timm’s art and the world of the DC animated universe since both hit the airwaves in the form of Batman: The Animated Series. Since then, he has contributed to the greater community of fans via his small corner of the internet at Inanimate Objects, where he adds to his toy collection by crafting the characters the toy companies forgot.  He is thrilled to once again be collaborating with Peter Go on DCAU Comics.


About Peter
Peter Go has been building web sites since the late 90’s. He has also been a big fan of Bruce Timm’s work as well as Cason Pilliod’s. So when Cason came up with the idea of building a site about the comic books based on Bruce Timm’s DC Animated Universe, he simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity.