Superman Adventures #1

Written by Paul Dini
Penciled by Rick Burchett
Inked by Terry Austin
Colored by Marie Severin

So, what’s the story?

sa-01-coverFollowing the events of Lex Luthor’s Lexo-Skel 5000 fiasco, Perry White and the staff of the Daily Planet is scrambling to discover more information about the newly revealed Superman. Each staff member outlines his or her plans to pursue the story. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor explains to his bodyguard Mercy why Superman is a threat to Lex’s control of Metropolis. To counter that threat, he has used the data collected from the Lexo-Skel 5000 to quickly assemble an android capable of duplicating Superman’s powers. As soon as the android is complete, Lex’s send the machine out in a Superman costume. In Smallville, Clark discusses his new moniker with his parents, and then rushed back to the Planet office, only to learn from Lois that “Superman” is attacking the Kaznian embassy. Clark and Lois head out to catch the story. Once there, Clark sneaks off, only to reappear as Superman and confront his doppelganger. The fight is quickly engaged, and Superman appears to be outmatched. Soon, the android has Superman bound, and is headed for soon, hoping to drown the Man of Steel. Lex watches the confrontation from his office, with General Hardcastle on the line. While Lex is distracted, Superman manages to overpower the android, ripping off the robot’s arm. Superman is soon back in the air, and heads straight for Luthor’s office, android parts in tow. As Luthor had been speaking through the android during the fight, Superman is aware of his guilt. Instead of reporting Luthor’s crime, though, Superman suggests that Luthor reveal this to have been a plot of a former angry employee, and that Luthor will make donations to cover all damages and losses. Luthor thought he had seen the limits of Superman’s strength and powers. Superman tells Luthor he was only at the limit’s of Luthor’s powers, and then flies off.

A strong first issue! But then, one would expect nothing less from maestro Paul Dini. The action picks up immediately after “The Last Son of Krypton,” and spends a little time giving us the reaction of the Daily Planet staff, Lex, and the Kents to the revelation of Superman. It’s nice to see character moments like that. My only complaint would be Lex’s plan is fairly similar to his later plan that produces Bizarro. But then I guess everything must progress in stages.

How’s the Art?

Excellent. Burchett and Austin always produce some fine work. As this issue was made very early in the run of STAS, Timm’s “new” style was not yet as well known. While the art is on model and fits in well, it still has some of the old BTAS stylings about it, especially where Luthor is concerned. Nothing wrong with that, just a technicality. General Hardcastle doesn’t appear in the show for some time, so his design here is different, but that’s understandable.

Any continuity issues?

This takes place immediately following the “Las Son of Krypton” three-part episode.

Anything of interest to customizers or cosplayers?

Not beyond the standard character designs. Although I can see myself building a custom of the Android, with a slightly different head.

Is this issue worth my precious time?



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