Superman Adventures #2

Written by Scott McCloud
Penciled by Rick Burchett
Inked by Terry Austin
Colored by Marie Severin

So, what’s the story?

sa-02-coverWhile on patrol, Superman hears “Superman! Help!” and does not hesitate to investigate. He flies into an apartment, only to find the young female occupant only wanted to meet him. Annoyed at this distraction, he leaves through the window as she sarcastically yells “Thanks for flowers, honey.” Back at the Dailey Planet, Lois and Clark investigate a series of robberies from a firearms manufacturer. Across town at Hob’s Bay, the young lady from the apartment, Kelly, does not correct the hot dog vendor when he assumes Superman is her boyfriend (having seen Supes leave her apartment). Little do they know that Metallo is lurking nearby in disguise, and overhears their exchange. He quickly kidnaps Kelly, intending to use her as bait to attract Superman. Nearby, Lois and Clark’s investigation leads them to check out some houseboats, where the thief may be hiding. Lois puts two and two together and suspects Metallo may be the thief, stealing parts for his robot body. They arrive at the houseboat Metallo is using as a base, and he bursts through the door with Kelly in tow. Lois chases after them, as Clark makes a change of attire. Moments later, a fight between Metallo and Superman ensues atop a tall bridge. In the end, Metallo is lost in an explosion, and Superman saves Kelly and other bystanders. Angela Chen is on the scene, and asks Kelly if she and Superman are an item. Kelly changes her tune, points at Lois, and says Lois is Superman’s gal.

As strong as the first issue was, this one took a nosedive. The whole story could have been told in two pages. Simple misunderstanding leads to a fight. The end. The story was stretched thin to cover 22 pages. Still, it maintained the characters and their relationships, so it wasn’t bad necessarily. Just not very interesting.

How’s the Art?

Excellent, again. The story may have been dull, but Burchett and Austin continue to capture the design spirit of the show and its characters

Any continuity issues?

Eh… This is supposed to take place after Metallo’s first appearance. And it easily could with no problem. But all of Metallo’s appearances as a whole have problems with consistency. This one doesn’t make matters worse, but it doesn’t fill any holes either.

Anything of interest to customizers or cosplayers?

Maybe Metallo in a trench coat and hat.

Is this issue worth my precious time?

Sure, if you are a completest.

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