Gotham Adventures #1

Written by Ty Templeton
Penciled by Rick Burchett
Inked by Terry Beatty
Colored by Lee Loughridge

So, what’s the story?

The Joker is loose! Batman, Batgirl, and Robin chase Joker as news breaks that millionaire philanthropist Douglas Reid announces a 50 million dollar bounty on Joker’s life, in response to Joker killing his son. Batman realizes that no place in Gotham will be safe for Joker, so he transports the clown to the Batcave. As crowds of angry citizens start to form, Gotham’s Rogues start to get in on the craze, too. Riddler starts by sending clues to the GCPD. Batman and Robin find Riddler in an abandoned theatre. Riddler intends to kidnap Robin in exchange for Joker, so he can claim the bounty. The Dynamic Duo foil the plot, but Riddler escapes, leaving more clues. Back at the Batcave, Joker manages to get loose, knocking out Batgirl in the process. He almost escapes upstairs to the mansion, but Alfred is at the ready with an aggressive serving tray. He and Batgirl quickly re-secure Joker in the cave with duct tape. Back at the GCPD, a citizen appears to bring Joker into custody. A fight breaks out with some thugs who want the bounty for themselves. Turns out the citizen and “Joker” are Clayface! Thankfully, Nightwing appears to take out the shapeshifting mud man. Meanwhile, after an inspiring conversation with Joker, Batman tracks Riddler to a warehouse, where he quickly apprehends the criminal. On his way back to the Batcave, Batman realizes there’s only one way to stop the madness gripping the city. He kidnaps Reid, and takes him to confront Joker face to face. Batman tells Reid if he wants Joker dead, he’ll have to do it himself. Batman knows Reid to be a decent man, and that knowledge pays off. Reid declines, and rescinds his bounty.

What a great start to the new series! This was the first issue done in the style of “The New Batman Adventures,” and it rocks. Templeton’s story is solid. The characters are written true to themselves. It would have made an excellent animated episode. This is not only a fine animated Batman issue, it’s an excellent comic book of any style.

How’s the Art?

Fantastic! Given that this was the first book in the new style, one might expect some lapses in artistic style. Nope! Clearly Burchett and Beatty had access to the new design aesthetic, and they nailed it. It’s simply beautiful. Crisp and energetic.

Any continuity issues?

Not really. Given the presence of Nightwing and Tim Drake, this takes place after ‘Sins of the Father,” but that’s the only constraint I see.

Anything of interest to customizers or cosplayers?

Nothing new to report.

Is this issue worth my precious time?


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