Superman Adventures #4

Written by Scott McCloud
Penciled by Rick Burchett
Inked by Terry Austin
Colored by Marie Severin

So, what’s the story?

sa-04-coverJimmy Olsen is showing his photos of Superman battling the Brainiac-Cat-Robot (last issue) to Perry White, extolling the photos’ virtues. Perry explains to Jimmy to he has yet to put his life on the life for the perfect photo, and until he does, Jimmy can’t call himself a true photographer. Jimmy takes this to mean Perry called him a coward, and vents to Clark, who tells Jimmy that bravery isn’t about having no fear; it’s about facing one’s fears. Meanwhile, in Lex’s office, Mercy informs Lex of the plan to break into S.T.A.R. Labs. That night, Lex’s two operatives break in and steal a S.T.A.R. Labs experimental gravity weapon. Superman arrives and gives chase, only to be hit by the weapon’s gravity beam. He becomes too heavy to fly! Superman can barely walk. He stomps after the thieves as they drive away. Lois and Jimmy hear Superman’s stomping, and chase after him and the thieves. Ultimately, the ne’er-do-wells are headed for LexCorp, but Lex doesn’t want to be associated with them, even if it means sacrificing what was stolen. He places snipers on the rooftops to take out the thieves and/or Superman. As all the players arrive, Superman is blasted into a hole from which he will have to climb out. Jimmy chases the thieves through a hail of gunfire, finally “getting the shot” as the robbers confront Lex. Before Jimmy comes to harm, Superman tunnels up from below and grabs the thieves. Lex denies knowing them. Finally, Superman returns to normal, and Jimmy sells a new batch of photos to Perry.

A lightweight issue, to be sure. It’s basically an extended chase scene. There’s nothing really wrong with it. It’s a quick and fun read.

How’s the Art?

Still excellent.

Any continuity issues?

Only in that it refers to last issue’s fight with Brainiac, which has its own problems with continuity.

Anything of interest to customizers or cosplayers?

Not this time.

Is this issue worth my precious time?

Sure, if you already have all the others.

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