Superman Adventures #6

Written by Scott McCloud
Penciled by Bret Blevins
Inked by Terry Austin
Colored by Marie Severin

So, what’s the story?

sa-06-cover Clark is telling his parents about a recent adventure. In the story, a group of terrorists called the “Holy Brotherhood of Anarchy” is attacking Metropolis, and has hidden a bomb in the city. Superman tracks and stops each one, until he reaches the last one. The terrorist pulls out and opens a box. In a flash, half of Metropolis is destroyed, and Superman stands among the ruins. Nearby is the body of a Lois, having fallen from a crashed Daily Planet building. Moments later, Mxyzptlk appears, encouraging Superman to take a closer look. Lois appears to be alive, but then she begins to speak backwards, and then she starts to fly! In fact, all of destroyed Metropolis begins to rise and re-assemble itself. Superman realizes that time is running backwards, and he has an opportunity to discover the cause of the devastation and prevent it from happening. With Mxy at his side hurling insults, Superman backtracks from one event to another. He witnesses a military plane accident, a baby born in traffic, the terrorists’ bomb explosion, and a baseball gone awry. As the pair approaches the point in time where this all began, Mxy announces he looks forward to watching Superman witness everything happening again, without being able to stop it. As usual, Superman tricks Mxy into saying his own name backwards twice, sending the imp back to the fifth dimension. As time starts forward again, Superman is once again facing his foe in an alley. The man pulls out a box of kryptonite. Superman manages to find the strength to get away, and catches the baseball that would otherwise start a destructive chain of events. The city was saved, though no one but Superman knew it. And his parents.

How’s the Art?

Excellent! On model all the way around.

Any continuity issues?

Mxy stories are always a bit tricky to place in animated continuity. I think this works best as one of the many times Mxy appears and was sent home during “Mxyzpixilated.”

Anything of interest to customizers or cosplayers?

Only if you have not already made a Mxy.

Is this issue worth my precious time?

It is.

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