Batman & Robin Adventures #1

Written by Paul Dini
Penciled by Ty Templeton
Inked by Rick Burchett
Colored by Linda Medley

So, what’s the story?

Harvey Dent’s fiancée Grace Lamont and Bruce Wayne continue to visit Harvey every week in Arkham, encouraging his treatment. The Joker, being the trickster that he is, plants the seed in Harvey’s mind that Bruce and Grace are an item behind Harvey’s back, and that their visits are made merely out of guilt. To seal the deal, Joker sends Harley out to capture a photo of Bruce and Grace at a charity function, and then sends the photo to the papers announcing the engagement of Bruce and Grace. Harvey finds out, reverts to Two-Face, and breaks out of Gotham. In the cliffhanger ending, Harvey violently bursts into Grace’s apartment.

As one might expect of Paul Dini, the script for this issue hits on all cylinders. The characterizations are spot on, and the reader can easily hear the voice actors for each character’s lines. The settings are accurate. The tone and pacing are just right. This is one of those issues that could easily have been an animated episode.

How’s the Art?

Top notch! Templeton and Burchett are at the top of their game here. As with Dini’s script, the art matches the style established in the animated series.  It’s tough to find anything to nit-pick about!

Any continuity issues?

I don’t think so. In the animated series, the character of Grace seemed to disappear after the Two-Face origin episodes.  Her use here suggests this story might take place after the Two-Face origin but before “Second Chance.” Either way, it’s nice to see her add some depth to the universe.

Overall, though, I find nothing in this story to contradict the animated episodes.

Anything of interest to customizers or cosplayers?

The only new designs are “civilians.” Harley sports a red and black jacket and skirt with a big hat. Joker and Two-Face appear in Arkham uniforms.  Bruce and Dick appear in Tuxes. Grace has some nice outfits, and seeing a custom figure of her would be fun. Bud and Lou show up, and Casimir’s sculpts can be found at Stew’s.

Is this issue worth my precious time?


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