Batman & Robin Adventures #6

Written by Ty Templeton
Art by Rick Burchett
Colored by Linda Medley

So, what’s the story?

bra_06_coverA thug knocks over a convenience store, only to run into Robin as he makes his exit. A fight ensues, and Robin is knocked unconscious. But it’s not Robin! It’s someone else dressed as the Boy Wonder. Meanwhile, Bruce, Dick, and Alfred discuss a fictitious news story that claims Batman has fired Robin and is actively seeking a replacement. The Batsignal is lit, and the dynamic duo race to meet with Gordon and Bullock. Seems the thug has captured the fake Robin, and is holding him for ransom. He demands that Batman deliver the payoff. Gordon explains that dozens of wannabe Robins have shown up, wanting to be Batman’s new partner. Just as Batman and the real Robin are about to leave, a girl named Carrie shows up, dressed as Robin. She is quickly arrested. Batman heads off to the arranged meeting place, and he sends Robin off to find the hostage. On his way there, Batman encounters two more fake Robins, plus two more encounters with Carrie.  Ultimately, the final encounter with Carrie violates the thug’s conditions of the meeting, and he heads back to his hostage with murderous rage. For his part, the real Robin is also set upon by a fake Robin. Dick takes the wannabe out, and in turn locates the house where the hostage is held. When the thug arrives, he is surprised to find his hostage is much tougher. The real Robin took the place of the hostage, and proceeds to take down the thug.

I love this issue! This is Ty Templeton at his best! It’s an unmistakable Batman story, with all the proper trappings. And it still manages to be fun! When I think of Ty’s many stories (written or drawn), this is at the top of my list. This would have made a perfect animated script. Plus… Carrie Kelly! I’m pretty sure this was the first time a Carrie Kelly Robin appeared anywhere outside of the Dark Knight Returns. That was a big deal when this issue came out.

How’s the Art?

Rick Burchett’s art looks fantastic here. Meshes really well with the best of the animated episodes. Between the story and art, this issue has it all.

Any continuity issues?

No, and I dearly wish we could see this one animated.

Anything of interest to customizers or cosplayers?

So. Many. Robins!

Is this issue worth my precious time?


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