Batman & Robin Adventures #15

So, what’s the story?

bra_15_coverHaley’s Circus rolls into town, and Bruce and Dick attend a show. While Dick visits his childhood friends, including Haley himself, Bruce meets with Lucius, whose home is nearby. Moments later, Alfred hears of a break-in on the police scanner; it’s Lucius’ house! Bruce and Dick make excuses and stop the break-in as Batman and Robin. They discover two of the four burglars are employees of Haley’s Circus. Dick decides to investigate on his own, and rejoins the Circus as a Flying Grayson. He immediately suspects Boston Brand, a.k.a. Deadman. While Dick is examining Brand’s trailer, a lion attacks Dick. Brand shows up, and together to two acrobats manage to get the lion back in its cage. Dick tells Haley he thinks Brand is involved. The next night, while Brand is performing, Dick is again in Brand’s trailer, but this time it’s filled with stolen loot! The pieces click. Dick confronts Haley. Only Haley knew of Dick’s suspicions, and Haley had planted the evidence. Haley was involved in the robberies, in an effort to pull himself up from financial collapse. Suddenly, Brand’s girlfriend appears, claiming she will end this operation by killing Dick and Brand. Haley stops her, while Dick saves Brand from falling from the trapeze. In the end, Haley goes off to jail, and Dick realizes you can’t go home again.

There’s a lot of story packed into this issue! Templeton finds a way to bring Deadman into the DC Animated Universe, while expanding on Haley’s Circus. I enjoyed seeing Dick playing detective on his own. Though I enjoyed the issue, I get a little tired of the “Haley’s Circus is a cover for traveling criminals” trope. Seems that’s popped up many times over the years.

How’s the Art?

Fine. Kruse and Burchett make it feel like an animated episode.

Any continuity issues?

Probably. I’ll have to re-watch “Animal Act,” which involves Haley’s Circus to be sure. (This issue was released several years before the episode aired.) I suspect the episode trumps the comic, and Haley is not in prison in the episode.

Anything of interest to customizers or cosplayers?

Mattel ultimately made a Deadman. Dick in his Flying Grayson costume might be a fun project.

Is this issue worth my precious time?



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