Batman Adventures #26

Story by Kelley Puckett
Penciled by Mike Parobeck
Inked by Rick Burchett
Colored by Rick Taylor

So, what’s the story?

The story opens with a brazen murder of a professor during a criminology class attended by Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson. (Apparently, they are not yet sweet on each other, and are only sitting next to each other due to an alphabetical seating chart. Cute.) The crime, however, is a hoax, staged by Dr. Morton to demonstrate a point. When Barbara and Dick demonstrate their acute senses of observation, Dr. Morton asks them to assist him in a research project. While they’re stuck in a library, Morton takes the class to see the MacGuffin pistols on display in a museum.  Next we see Barbara with Morton in his office, discussing career options. Soon Barbra joins her father Commissioner Gordon at police headquarters, and hears that the MacGuffin pistols were stolen. She heads out to investigate as Batgirl, and bumps into Robin at the scene of the crime. The two quickly deduce the pistols had already been stolen, and the apparent robbery was a distraction. A quick check of some previous security footage leads them to Morton. The pistols had diamonds hidden in the hilts, and Morton was about to sell them to a crime boss, when he has a change of heart. Batgirl and Robin enter, beat up the bad guys, and send Morton to jail. Subsequently, Barbara and Dick both drop the criminology class, now being taught by a substitute.

I felt this story had potential, but didn’t fulfill it. The idea of a criminology professor dabbling in crime is interesting, but where is his motivation? Morton starts to allude to “the mind of the criminal” but doesn’t follow through on the point. There are some nice moments between Barbara and Dick (they presumably don’t yet know each other’s alternate identities). Beyond those, it’s not a great script.

How’s the Art?

Eh. Parobeck is still in prime form, but he had little to play with. The vast majority of the issue features “civilians,” and Batgirl and Robin are only in costume for a few pages. It’s just not that visually exciting to see a bunch of normal people talking.

Any continuity issues?

Not much. This could fit in shortly after “Shadow of the Bat.”

Anything of interest to customizers or cosplayers?


Is this issue worth my precious time?

Not really.

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