Batman Adventures #4

Written by Martin Pasko
Penciled by Brad Rader
Inked by Rick Burchett
Colored by Rick Taylor

So, what’s the story?

Batman saves innocent passengers from a train crash. The cause turns out to be a track operator who was unable to read his screen.  This was a test of Scarecrow’s device that affects one’s ability to read. He tells his crew to implement phase one, leading to the beginnings of chaos in Gotham, as drivers and pedestrians  crash due to the loss of reading.  Batman suspects the cause may be airborne with limited range, so he takes to the gas with a gas mask in the Batwing. Dick Grayson’s classes are cancelled due to the epidemic, so he heads into town as Robin, and encounters the chaos. He spies thugs breaking into stores only to stock the store with electronics. As he hears a broadcast, the sign he’s reading turns to gibberish. He rejoins Batman. With Alfred, the three of them deduce the “illness” is transmitted via broadcast and the perpetrator is the Scarecrow.

The loss-of-reading gimmick is a fun idea, and the way in which Robin discovers it is kind of clever. I think the pacing of this issue was a bit slow, though. I suspect that’s a result of spreading this story across too issues. I feel this story would have done well as one issue, or even as one episode.

How’s the Art?

When this issue was being drawn, the show had been airing for about a month. But I guess that was still too early to know recognize the Timm style of deisgn. Characters that have a show’s model sheet to reference appear adequate, but everyone else veers into “standard 1990s comics style.”

Any continuity issues?

This would most likely fit in anywhere pre-TNBA.

Anything of interest to customizers or cosplayers?


Is this issue worth my precious time?

Worth it if you see it cheap. But don’t make an effort.

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