Batman Adventures Annual #2

Co-Plot/Writer Paul Dini
Co-Plot/Art Glen Murakami and Bruce Timm
Color Glen Murakami

So, what’s the story?

An office building in Gotham explodes and collapses. Ra’s al Ghul appears, and orders his mean to find an ancient tablet hidden beneath the foundation. Batman arrives, but fails to stop Ra’s. Batman seeks out Jason Blood, whom Batman has heard is knowledgeable in the supernatural. Blood explains that he and Ra’s have been fighting over this tablet for 200 years, and relates a tale of their 18th-century conflict. Just as Blood explains the tablet will bring forth a pestilence demon, Talia bursts in and tranquilizes them both. Batman suffers a bizarre fever dream, but is awakened by church bells. Blood and Batman know Ra’s requires sacred ground for the incantation necessary to call forth the demon. They arrive just after the demon appears. The demon grabs Blood, but he changes to the form of Etrigan and engages the monster in battle. Batman fights Ra’s for control of tablet, eventually wresting is from Ra’s grasp. Etrigan uses the tablet to send the demon back to Hell, and then destroys it. Ra’s and Talia get away, and Batman regrets having used Talia to get close to Ra’s in battle.

Crazy, monster fun! The plot is straightforward, but I always enjoy a good Ra’s story with some flashbacks to the past. We get to see Batman and Talia once again run counter to what their hearts tell them. And this is the first established contact between animated Batman and Jason Blood. What’s not to like?

How’s the Art?

Bruce Timm and Glen Murakami play in Jack Kirby’s sandbox, and they have fun doing it. Parobeck’s comic book art may be more polished, but Timm always brings tremendous energy to the page. You can almost feel those Kirbyesque hands reaching out at you!

Any continuity issues?


Anything of interest to customizers or cosplayers?

Some great costumes for Ra’s (tri-corner hat!), Jason Blood in modern dress and as an 18th-century pirate, and Talia in her slinky dress.

Is this issue worth my precious time?

Heck yeah!

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