Batman Adventures #13

Written by Kelley Puckett
Penciled by Mike Parobeck
Inked by Rick Burchett
Colored by Rick Taylor

So, what’s the story?

Batman is investigating a man who voluntarily (if violently) surrendered to the police. He follows a lead to another man, where Batman finds Talia and her men. She explains that she is pursuing a man who has stolen a statue from Ra’s al Ghul. She suggests that since she knows Batman will follow her, they might as well travel together. They arrive in Paris, and spend a romantic day together before resuming their chase. They track down the thief, only to find themselves the prisoners of the thief’s buyer, Pierre Lascaux. The duo is tied up, as Lascaux leaves and sets the house ablaze. In typical fashion, Batman and Talia manage to escape and stop Lascaux from getting away. Once the statue is retrieved, Batman confronts Talia, asking what was in the statue that was so important. (It was damaging evidence against Ra’s.) She explains she couldn’t tell Batman the truth, fearing he wouldn’t help. If she had told him, “…we wouldn’t have had Paris.” Batman and Talia part ways as rain begins to fall.

This is a great issue! It captures the flavor of the show, and at the same time pays homage to “Casablanca” and “the Maltese Falcon,” two classic movies that are required viewing. Lascaux is clearly a play on Sydney Greenstreet’s performances as “the fatman” and Ferrari. The statue is merely a MacGuffin, much like the Maltese Falcon. And the Paris scenes and Talia’s final line play off of Casablanca. But there are great original moments, too. When Talia makes a romantic gesture towards Bruce, he rejects her by returning to work. And the “silent” three panel parting at the end is very cinematic. Good stuff!

How’s the Art?

Awesome. Parobeck delivered. Great renderings, and some fine “silent” timing. I’d love to have seen this fleshed out as a longer story, just to see more of his art.

Any continuity issues?

No. This would fit in easily after “the Demon’s Quest.”

Anything of interest to customizers or cosplayers?

Not really. Just Bruce and Talia in “street clothes.” And several thugs of middle Eastern descent.

Is this issue worth my precious time?


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