Batgirl Adventures #1

Story by Paul Dini and Rick Burchett
Art by Rick Burchett
Colored by Albie DeGuzman

So, what’s the story?

bga-01-coverAs Barbara Gordon walks out of a store on Christmas Eve, she is almost run over by a crazy clown car. Moments later, a canon emerges from the vehicle, and Harley Quinn shoots forth! Barbara quickly changes into her Batgirl costume, and follows Harley to the roof of police headquarters. Harley runs off, and the chase is on. Harley leads Batgirl through traffic, endangering lives. Batgirl is forced to slow down to save innocent people. Meanwhile, Commissioner Gordon continues to wonder why Barbara is late meeting him at GCPD headquarters. At the docks, Batgirl has caught up to Harley. The jester explains this whole chase was to get a Bat to follow her, because she needs help saving Poison Ivy, who is being held prisoner on a ship. Batgirl reluctantly agrees. On the ship, Ivy is tied up, surround by Kitsune Nozawa and her thugs. Kit wants Ivy to join the gang, but Ivy refuses. Kit promises that once her goons hack into Ivy’s computer and obtain Ivy’s formulas, I’ve herself won’t be necessary, and they will kill her. From the railings, Batgirl and Harley discuss Harley’s relationship to Ivy, as Batgirl wants to know the whole truth before she puts herself at risk. Harley explains that Kitsune had attacked them at Ivy’s hideout, and threw Harley out the window. Harley managed to hang on to a fire escape while Kit and her goons took Ivy. Batgirl says she will help if Harley agrees to return to the authorities quietly. Harley agrees, but Batgirl handcuffs Harley to the railing anyway. (Back at GCPD headquarters, Jim Gordon is still waiting for Barbara.) Batgirl attacks! She uses a smoke bomb to disorient the goons, but soon faces Kit alone. Kit uses her magic gem to blind Batgirl. Meanwhile, Harley escapes the handcuffs and frees Ivy. Ivy runs for it, but Harley stays to help, as she promised Batgirl she would. Harley joins the fight, taking on the recovered goons. Moments later, Kit knocks Harley behind some boxes, and when Batgirl rounds the corner, she sees two Harleys. Kit has used her gem to disguise herself as Harley. Batgirl quickly discerns the difference, and takes out Kit with a well-placed kick. Later, at court, Batgirl learns Harley was legally free from Arkham, and Harley would not be arrested again. Harley leaves, and moments later Batgirl learns Harley could be arrested if she was found in the company of a known felon, like Poison Ivy. Batgirl runs outside, just as Harley and Ivy escape in Ivy’s car. The chase is once again on! And Commissioner Gordon is still waiting.

Full disclosure: This is not only one my favorite animated-style comics, it’s one of my favorite comics! I love this issue! The story is simple, but strong, allowing room for some great character moments. (“ Like what everybody says about you and Supergirl?”) We get to see the strong female characters of Gotham take center stage, including an underused villain. As it was written by Paul Dini and Rick Burchett, it’s no surprise the tone is a perfect fit for animated Gotham. Thank you both!

How’s the Art?

Fantastic! Burchett nails the characters and the environment. Every panel is a work of animated-style art!

Any continuity issues?


Anything of interest to customizers or cosplayers?

Oh yeah. Aside from a proper Batgirl and Poison Ivy, we see Kitsune Nozawa and Harley’s Christmas outfit. I’ve made customs of all these, and I’ve seen some great cosplay of all except Kit. There’s a rare gem that I’d like to see at a con.

Is this issue worth my precious time?